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Dragoon: [Dragon Legend] 8 hits, targeting up to 20 enemies
Destroyer: [Ancient Destroyer] 2 hits, physical damage up to 20 enemies, inflicts LV5 slow.
Cleric: [Light and Dark Clouds] 10 hits, up to 20 enemies, electric shocks
Archmage: [Black Magic, Gravity] 3 hits, up to 20 enemies, adjusting gravity to harass enemies, final hit is strongest.
Sentinel: [Wind Arrows] Trap up to 20 enemies using 60 arrows. Final wind elemental attack.
Howitzer: [War] Summons several modern attack equipments. Up to 20 enemies, 15 hits. Final attack is throwing a big bomb.
Gambit: [Hell Concert] 8 hits, 20 enemies, using the impact of sonic waves. Final hit inflicts LV5 stun (coma).
Shadow: [Ninja Emperor] up to 8 enemies, summons up to 8 ninjas.

Dragon Rush : Dragoon final skill

Club Mania : Gambit final skill

Cross Blade : Sounds like a summon that wields a sword

Death Snatch : Either heavy thuds or thunder

Death Stinger : Sounds like that demon that destroyers summon

Demolition Bomber : Possibly the destroyer summon

Ground Zero : Sounds like a warzone with advanced technology, I assume this is the Sentinal’s final skill

Healing Wave : A huge aoe healing skill? Sounds like a fairy spell

Ice Shower : An ice phoenix smashing into the ground like one of the trapper eagles? Most likely a howitzer skill

Lightning Magnet : Not really sure what this could be.

Lightning Strom : Sounds like a devastating thunder storm. Archmage’s final skill I think

Magma Piston : A volcanic Erruption?

Marrionette : Gambit Summon

Multistripe Fire : A flock of flaming phoenixes either all colliding into the enemy or flying in a tornado.

Nuclear Shot/Bomb : Huge Explosion

Particle Cannon : The use of a cool sounding particle cannon, probably a Sentinal skill.

Phantom Warrior : Shadow’s final skill?

Protect Edge : Quick strikes with a sword or dagger?

Reverse Gravity : An earthquake?

Rolling Ground : Not sure what this is.

Self Bomber : Pretty large sounding bombs

Shadow Blade : Casting a skill onto the blade before quickly jabbing/slashing?

Soul Drain : Sounds like the myrmidon beast.

Time Freeze : Cast of a skill.

Two Action Shot : Reloading and a quick deadly shot?

Wind Blade : A swing of either a sword or a dagger, maybe a shot from a bow and cries of birds?

Wire Action : Dagger skill?

Wrath Of Heaven : Summon of a huge thunderstorm, cleric’s final skill?
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